Eager to keep neighbors and other prying eyes away from his Southampton home, designer Calvin Klein is using some extreme and rather unusual security measures, according to Page Six.

Photo by Franco Origlia/Getty Images

Klein reportedly has oodles of cameras and security guards all over his Southampton property, which isn't that unusual for a billionaire seeking privacy.  Here's the other not so typical security measure Klein is using.  Signs posted around his property which read: "Caution, Poison Ivy and Ticks present.  Do Not Enter."

A spokesman for Klein confirmed to Page Six that there are indeed signs warning of ticks.

Yes, there are signs warning of ticks because the deer are rampant out here and people are warning of late of the grave danger Lyme disease presents to anyone exposed.

Klein bought the home for about $30 million in 2004 and ended up tearing down the home that stood there and began construction over three years ago on a wood and glass mansion with floor to ceiling windows offering beautiful views of the water.  Current price tag on the remodeling is about $75 million.

Would those poison ivy and tick warning signs keep you away if you wanted to peek at Klein's Meadow Lane mansion?  I think the paparazzi won't be the least bit deterred or his neighbors either.  Oh, the price of fame and fortune.