Whether you've lived in New York your whole life, a few years or if you're just a visitor, these are some words you have probably come across. How many of them do you know?

Most of these terms and phrases are from the Central New York area and Upstate New York, but there are a few that are from Western New York, and south towards the city. Each term is listed with multiple choice answers of what it could be. You'll find the answers towards the bottom of this page. Enjoy!


1. What is SPAC?

a. Special Patrol Area of the Catskills
b. an entertainment venue
c. a restaurant outside of Albany

2. What are "Michigans?"

a. rude, out-of-towners
b. a type of hotdog
c. perch with a mushroom gravy sauce

3. What is Letchworth?

a. a brand of hat made in New York
b. a heavy metal band
c. a state park

4. If you want a "blue," what are you asking for?

a. Labatt Blue beer
b. "Blueberry Pie in the Sky" ice cream from Stewart's
c. a Utica Blue Sox autograph

5. What is "The Notch" referring to?

a. a road that runs through the Catskills
b. where Route 12 branches off towards Route 28
c. a nickname for a village that sits between two mountains

6. What is "Namby-Pamby?"

a. a chocolate candy - kind of like 'whoppers'
b. someone who is wimpy, or complains a lot
c. the name of the ball you put on top of your car antenna

7. What is a "Hofmann?"

a. a beer
b. a brand of hotdogs and sausages
c. a brand of sofas made in Syracuse

8. The "Stockade" is...

a. a prison
b. a mental health facility
c. a historic area in Schenectady

9. What does "Beef-on-Weck" consist of?

a. a pretzel bun, roast beef, pepper jack cheese, spicy mustard
b. a kaiser roll with pretzel salt and caraway seeds, roast beef, horseradish,
c. a sesame seed bun, hamburger patty, sauerkraut,

10. What's "Sponge Candy?"

a. toffee with a sponge-like texture, covered in chocolate
b. ice cream with candy pieces and chocolate ribbons
c. the gunk that ends up in the holes of a scrubbing sponge

11. What is Melba Sauce for?

a. dipping mozzarella sticks
b. dipping pita bread
c. an alternative for gravy on mashed potatoes

12. What is found in riggies?

a. red rice
b. rigatoni
c. relish - usually pickle

13. What does "The Gunks" refer to?

a. a place where people go rock climbing in the Catskills
b. a place where people go rock climbing in the Adirondacks
c. a place where people go swimming in Oneida County

14. What is a "Spiedie?"

a. an alcoholic beverage
b. a sandwich
c. a brand of athletic-wear




********************Alright - Are you ready for the answers?********************

**************************They're coming up next**************************



1. b

2. b

3. c

4. a

5. a

6. b

7. b

8. c

9. b

10. a

11. a

12. b

13. a

14. b


How well did you do? Let us know in the "comments section" at the bottom of this page. Do you have any other terms or phrases you would add to this list? You can also tell us along with your comment below.



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