Anxiety levels in New York are higher than the national average, and they're even higher in upstate New York.

There are a lot of anxious people in the United States, and the numbers have been steadily growing for quite a few years. An article posted by the New York Times - "Fifty States of Anxiety," found a link between what people search on google and real issues going on. According to the New York Times,

...While Google searches may not be a perfect measure of anxiety, there is increasing evidence that searches on a health condition highly correlate with the number of people suffering from that condition...

And anxiety happens to be one of those health conditions. All across the nation, searches for "anxiety," "test-taking anxiety," "anxiety in the morning" and other anxiety-related situations have been on the rise. And many states are above the national average when it comes to searching anxiety and anxiety-related terms.

New York is one of the states above the national average (not by a lot, but still above). The state ranks between 0% and 5% above the average. But here's the weird thing - You would think that anxiety levels in New York City and the surrounding area would be higher (which would cause the average for New York to increase), but that's not the case. According to the New York Times,

...Google searches for anxiety tend to be higher in places with lower levels of education, lower median incomes and a larger part of the population living in rural areas. While the state of New York does have above-average anxiety, it is actually higher in upstate New York than it is in New York City.

Even though New York's average is higher than the national average, it's definitely not the highest in the country. Maine takes that title with anxiety levels 21% above the rest of the US. Oregon had the lowest levels at 26% below the national average. You can see a map comparing all the states anxiety searches here.




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