This year, Easter comes a little early - at the end of March. There's a few reasons why that's not a good thing.

1 - It Ruins the Balance of Holidays

Most of the time, there's one big holiday each month (MOST of the time).
January = New Year's Day
February = Valentine's Day
March = St. Patrick's Day
April = EASTER
May = Memorial Day
June = Flag Day
July = Independence Day
August = none
September = Labor Day
October = Halloween
November = Thanksgiving
December = Christmas

Granted, some months have more than one holiday, but it's the idea that one ends up getting all the attention. With Easter in March, that balance is disrupted.

2 - Giving Up Things Happen Earlier - And We're Not Ready for That

Easter is earlier, which means Lent kicks off earlier. Finding that one item (or a few items) that tempt you the most and not doing it? Well, you have to start planning earlier. And with New Year's Resolutions still on everyone's mind, it's hard to find another thing that you should change in your life. It just happens too soon, we need more time to prepare.

3 - March 27th is Naomi Lynn's Birthday

It's selfish, but I don't like sharing my birthday. Sure, it's not as bad as those who have to share their birthday with Christmas, and it doesn't happen every year, but still. Good Friday kicks off my birthday weekend, and trying to get friends and family together for a birthday celebration gets hard. Sunday, March 27th is Easter - which means no friends or family together - Everyone will be celebrating with their families, and having Easter dinner. I can't help but be a little bummed out. Is it so wrong to be selfish on my birthday?



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