I had a big pot of soup going this weekend when we hit the below-zeros.  I have about 5 good soups in my repertoire:  bean, cream of broccoli, chili, cheeseburger and vegetable.

I shared my bean soup recipe in the Lite 98.7 Family Cookbook at last year's Taste of Home.  Today I wanted to share my simple and easy vegetable soup.

1 lb ground turkey


2 cans mixed vegetables

1 can lima beans

vegetable bullion

After I brown the turkey (I use 93/7) and add the onion to soften, I add the cans of mixed veg and beans and add 1 unit of veg bullion (I use the stuff in a jar not a cube, so about a teaspoon).  Top it all with water and, like all good soups,  cook it with love for a good long while.

So yummy when the wind and snow rages outside.