There have been 11 reported UFO sightings across Upstate NY since September. What's going on?

The National UFO Reporting Center gathers reports of UFO sightings from across the country into a database and the statistics for Upstate NY are...interesting. As recently as October 18, 2018, a witness reported a possible UFO sighting over Syracuse:

I saw 2 orange lights hovering, with a helicopter somewhat near them. I can say from experience it was not an a/c or fireworks.

That sighting lasted 20 seconds.

Sightings have been reported from all over Upstate New York.

From Albany:

Four red glowing lights moving asymmetrically, oscillating, and disappearing and reappearing.

What about this report from Gansevoort:

I witnessed 5 round, circular orange colored objects hovering in formation

What the heck is going on? Do you think it's just people letting their imaginations run wild - or is there more to it?

All together, there have been 11 sightings - just since September 1. If you go back further, there are even more. 

DO you believe we're alone in the vast Universe? Or are extra-terrestrials checking out their neighbors? 

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