Can you imagine your breakfast including a whole packet of bacon, four sausages, four eggs, bread and hash browns and more? Well, when Paul Mason was at his heaviest, that's what he'd consume everyday. His diet would check in at 20,000 calories a day and it looked like Paul was eating his way to an early grave. He once weighed over 900lbs making him the world’s fattest man.

The Daily Telegraph Reports:

After an operation to shed the weight, Paul has found love. And he has a BBC documentary to thank for it, the Daily Mail reports. American woman Rebecca Mountain saw Paul on TV, in a documentary about his plight in seeking a second operation (this time for excess skin removal) and got in touch over Facebook.

Romance bloomed and Paul says Rebecca is the love of his life.

If you don't think a long distance relationship can work out, you may be right in this case as they each live in different countries, but Paul hopes Rebecca will visit him in the UK soon. Yep, they haven't met yet, but we do wish that it works out for both of them.