It has been a busy weekend for 'New to Naomi' - complete with an appearance at the Ziyara Shrine Circus, a fundraising walk, and being locked in a room solving puzzles to try and 'escape.'

Granted I didn't get a chance to really 'explore' for this weekend's New to Naomi adventures, but I did get a chance to be a part of some amazing events I couldn't even dream of!

Ziyara Shrine Circus

The circus was in town all weekend at the Utica AUD. Matt Hubbell and I were lucky enough to get to be a part of it! Sure, we didn't do much, but we were able to be 'Guest Ringmasters.' Don't worry - the real ringmaster was there (otherwise we would probably let the camels out at the wrong time), but it still was a lot of fun to hangout with some really awesome people at the circus. Check out some of the pics from the event!

Utica Kidney Walk

On Sunday, I headed to Masonic Care Community for the 2015 Utica Kidney Walk. Luckily being a part of the 'Workday Kick-Off' now, it made it easier for me to get up early. I can't believe how many people came out to raise money for such a great cause. Along with the walk, there were raffles, refreshments, and even some stories of hope and survival. Oh, 'Sidney the Kidney' was also there, taking pictures with the teams that were walking.

Naomi Lynn with Sidney the Kidney
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Escape the Estate

Okay, so this event wasn't in Utica... it wasn't really an event for that matter, but it's still worth the story. Here's how it works: you and a group of people get locked into this building. You have one hour to solve the puzzles, unlock the doors, and get out. Sounds pretty straightforward, right? Well, it is... Except for the puzzles. You find clues in each of the rooms that lead you to more puzzles, finding keys, and figuring out combinations... All while a clock is counting down every minute (talk about pressure).

How did our group do? Well, we were able to escape... but with just minutes to spare. Plus we had a group of six. If it was just me and one other person, there's no way we would have made it out - Some of those puzzles were really hard. Definitely worth it to check out, though!

Escape the Estate Sign
Luke Tubia/TSM


Yes, it was a packed weekend, but it was tons of fun! Next weekend is the Insane Inflatable 5K at the Lafayette Apple Festival Grounds - which should be amazing - and then there's Sunday... I wonder what events and exploring will happen then.




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