The 87th Academy Awards are coming up on Sunday, February 22nd. Are you ready for the Oscars? Here's a couple cool facts about the show to get you ready for the big night.

How Much Does An Oscar Weigh?

An Oscar award weighs 8.5 lbs. Think about it, it's like a newborn baby!


How Long Is The Red Carpet At The Oscars?

Ever wonder how long the actual red carpet is? According to Epoch, the red carpet is 500 feet long.


Who Hosted The Most Academy Awards/Oscar Shows?

Bob Hope comes in at first place hosting over 19 shows, Billy Crystal comes in second place hosting 9 shows, and third place goes to Johnny Carson hosting 5 shows.


Where Do The Oscar Statues Come From/Who Makes The Oscar Statues For The Academy Awards?

Chicago's R.S. Owens & Company makes the Oscar statues. They've been doing this since 1982.  Each Oscar is handcasted, undergoes four different kinds of electroplating and is dipped in liquid gold.



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