People are calling into work and faking sick more than ever before. And lately, some of the excuses are getting pretty bad.

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The majority of Americans have called in sick at least once in their lives. Most of the time, it's to do something as simple as sleep in, or get some errands done. Some people however, have not learned the 'skill' of making up a believable excuse.

CareerBuilder has released their study on sick days, which included everything from the time of the year most people fake sick, to common ways people are busted for calling in. Also part of the study (and the best part), were some of the most bizarre excuses that employees had given when trying to call in.

When asked to share the most memorable excuses for workplace absences they’ve heard, employers reported the following real-life examples:

  1. Employee claimed his grandmother poisoned him with ham.
  2. Employee was stuck under the bed.
  3. Employee broke his arm reaching to grab a falling sandwich.
  4. Employee said the universe was telling him to take a day off.
  5. Employee’s wife found out he was cheating. He had to spend the day retrieving his belongings from the dumpster.

And that's just SOME of the most ridiculous excuses. Number 5 on the list is the only one that seems somewhat believable, the rest are just absurd.

The report went on to say more employers have fired an employee this year, for using a fake excuse to call in sick (compared to last year). The study also found that more and more people are getting caught faking sick, because of posts on social media.

If you're going to call in sick make sure of these two things:
1 - Come up with a good excuse.
2 - Stay off social media!




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