I get it - there's days that we all have where we would rather do ANYTHING than go to the gym. I had that day yesterday. I sat in my car and scrolled on Instagram for a half hour before I finally decided to get my butt out of the seat and walk inside.

We all have our excuses for the reasons why we skip workouts. For people over the age of 41, a new study says they may be skipping for feeling "too old."

The survey also found out reasons why everyone else, and maybe you, decides to skip their workout. Here are the top ten reasons:

10. Your workout buddy cancelled on you. (I hate working out with other people I know around, I get nervous lol.)

9. Bad traffic. (Sometimes applies to Utica/Rome - I know it has for me before, but has only made me late.)

8. It was dark outside. (I can agree with this and say I may have done this before. As someone with seasonal affective disorder, this is a huge thing.)

7. Would rather stay in to watch Netflix. (This is a giant MOOD.)

6. Stayed late at work. (Guilty.)

5. Ate too much. (I tend to go to the gym BEFORE I know I'm going to eat a lot, then I don't have the food weighing me down at the gym and can work even harder the next day.)

4. Bad weather. (Two words: Central. New York. Of course this has happened - but for me personally I try really hard, although I work out at home on occasion. I enjoy the environment of the gym better. It motivates me.)

3. Too late in the day. (Guilty.)

2. Too much work to do. (Guilty. Plenty of times.)

and finally....the number one common reason people skip their workout -

1. TOO TIRED!! (Also guilty.)

In 2019 - one of my resolutions was to NOT MAKE EXCUSES like these and to complete at least 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days a week. I'm writing this post as a reminder to myself not to use any of these....


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