Robert Irvine and his crew of Food Network's "Restaurant Impossible" were in Geneva back in October of 2020 to film at Cosentino’s Ristorante. That episode has now aired on TV.

According to the episode synopsis on Food Network, Robert arrives at Cosentino’s Ristorante to find co-owners Bill and Nancy Cosentino struggling to save their family restaurant and is ready to step in to help.

While their marriage is collapsing under the weight of an unbalanced workload, their inexperienced son, Dom, serves unappetizing food. Without real changes, and learning to respect one another, their restaurant is doomed to fail.

The makeover happened back in October of 2020. The episode aired on April 8th on Food Network, but has another scheduled airing coming up. You can find the schedule on Food Network's website.

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Brief History Of Cosentino’s Ristorante

Before airing on Food Network, the restaurant had it's roots from back in 1978.

Marylou “Nonna” and Joe “Uncle Joe” Cosentino started a restaurant from scratch. The result was “Uncle Joe’s” which has grown from a one room pizzeria with a small assortment of pizza and subs to a full service restaurant. Uncle Joe’s “Geneva’s Oldest Pizzeria” has a fine selection of pizza, pasta, subs, salads and wings"

From then, the restaurant evolved over the years. In 1996, Nonna Cosentino’s Trattoria was born. In 1989, Joe and Marylou’s oldest of six children Bill and his wife Nancy came home to Geneva and ventured into the restaurant business to carry on the family tradition that Joe and Marylou started so many years ago.

You can read more online here, and plan your next trip.

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