Meet Dan Friebel of the Waterville Fire Department, a hardworking, dedicated man, and our featured firefighter for this week's "Firefighter Friday." Dan shares with us a memorable story of giving someone a second chance at life.

Dan Friebel has been with the Waterville Fire Department for almost ten years now (this September will make it ten years), but he knew back in high school he wanted to be a firefighter. He says he knew he wanted to help people out.

We asked Dan about a memorable moment he's had on the job, to which he replied there are many good ones and many bad ones. But one story stuck out to him, the story of how they were able to save someone's life. Not only did they administer CPR and get a pulse, but Dan says he saw the person in line at a local store a few months later. You can hear Dan's account of the incident in the video (at the top of this page).

We asked if the man they saved recognized Dan. Unfortunately he didn't, which Naomi Lynn thought was a "bummer." But Dan had a very modest and humble answer to that. He replied,

It's not about the acknowledgement, it's just knowing that we gave him some more time.

What a fantastic way of looking at it. With all the firefighters we've talked to so far during "Firefighter Friday" (and we're sure it will be the same with all the ones we talk to later on), they are all so modest. They don't look for the recognition for the job they do. And for that, it just makes us more proud of them.

We also asked Dan about misconceptions people may have about firefighters or the job they do. He told us that firefighters do more than just put out fires. They go on a lot of medical calls, and have to deal with a lot of car accidents. He went on to say people don't realize they're getting up at 2 or 3 in the morning to rush to an emergency call, sometimes they're late for work because they're on the scene of an accident. Firefighters are also missing their family, missing birthdays, and things like that because they're on the job and helping someone in their time of need. We asked Dan if this made it harder for him as a firefighter, missing all these things. He says it did in the beginning, especially missing some of his nieces' birthdays, but he says they do it so someone else can have the opportunity to enjoy those things.

Dan also told us about the "brotherhood" and how close he has been with some of the firefighters he was in "Firefighter 1" with (which he explains is your interior firefighters, the ones that actually go into the burning buildings). He says the chief would call the four of them the "A Team." And they still hangout, even though some have different jobs now...

Oh yeah, and shoutout to "Jerky."

Also a shoutout to Clinton.

For everything Dan does as a firefighter, and for being SO humble about everything, we're proud to recognize him and feature him for this week's "Firefighter Friday." Again, thank you for your service.

If you know of a firefighter you think deserves recognition for the job they do, you can nominate them for "Firefighter Friday." Who knows?! They may be featured on an upcoming segment. You can nominate a firefighter, by clicking the button below:




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