For this week's "Firefighter Friday," we did things a little differently. We want to share with you all the kind words Dominick's nominator had to say about him.

Dominick Meyers has been a firefighter for almost 15 years (it will be 15 years next month). And he's worked his way up to the title of Lieutenant. Dominick was nominated by Kim Meyers, who had some wonderful things to say about him. She first mentioned that he always wanted to be a firefighter, and when he was younger, he would follow the firetrucks on his bike and watch them do their jobs. Which we thought was pretty interesting, because most of the firefighters we've featured for "Firefighter Friday" have admitted they knew they wanted to be a firefighter ever since they were kids. A lot of them mentioned following around the firefighters, hanging out at the fire station, and we even had one mention that him and his brother would run to the end of the street to watch the firetrucks when they went by.

Pretty cool how all these firefighters knew this is what they wanted to do even at such a young age. Maybe it really is like what Ken Palmer from the Mohawk Fire Department said, "It's a calling."

Kim went on to say how hard Dominick works and how dedicated he is to his job. She also wrote,

Him and his crew go to all types of emergency calls where their lives are on the line, but it's what he loves to do. His family is very proud of him for becoming the firefighter he dreamed of being as a child. He's our hero!

We want to thank Kim for nominating Dominick Meyers for "Firefighter Friday," and we want to thank Dominick for all that he does and risking his life to save others. We know that firefighting is no easy job, and it takes a courageous and dedicated person to take on that task. And we're glad there are people like Dominick who are willing to take on such an extreme job.

Dominick, thank you for all that you do as a firefighter, rescuing those in need, responding to emergencies... Everything. And for everything you do, we're proud to feature you this week on "Firefighter Friday."

Do you know of a firefighter in the area that deserves recognition for the job they do? Are you a firefighter, yourself? We would love to hear your stories. You can nominate a firefighter, they just may be featured on our next "Firefighter Friday."





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