It's another "Firefighter Friday." This time we hear some kind words about John Sommer, who isn't just dedicated to firefighting, but to his family as well.

This week we did things a little differently for "Firefighter Friday" (like we do every so often). Peggy Metot was the one to nominate John Sommer and she wrote some wonderful things about him, explaining his devotion to his fire house and to his wife and kids. Peggy started by mentioning that John works two jobs besides being a volunteer firefighter for the Mohawk Volunteer Fire Department. She continued...

Family means everything to John. He sacrifices so much so his children can experience a wholesome life.

Which is something we hear a lot during "Firefighter Friday." Most of the firefighters we have talked to have at least one other job, sometimes two, just to support their families while they're spending their free time helping their community.

Peggy also noted that other members of his fire department notice his importance. She says,

His brothers and sisters in the fire department can attest to his bravery and courage. He is a dedicated fireman that has given countless hours to his department.

For all that does John does as a firefighter, and working two jobs to give his family a great life, we're proud to recognize and feature him for this week's "Firefighter Friday." Again, thank you John Sommer for all that you do for your community.

If you know of a firefighter you think deserves recognition for the job they do, you can nominate them. They may be featured on an upcoming segment of "Firefighter Friday." You can get all the details and the form at the link below:




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