For this week's "Firefighter Friday," we're focusing on the President of Verona Volunteer Fire Department, Ronald Winn Jr. Ronald who was nominated by Elizabeth Winn.

We did things a little different for "Firefighter Friday" this week. See, when someone nominates a firefighter, there's a little form to fill out (basic information like who the firefighter is, what department they work for, and things like that). Well, on the form there is a little section for nominators to tell us a little bit about the firefighter they're nominating. Elizabeth Winn had some very kind words about Ronald, and we wanted to share that with you.

You can hear everything Elizabeth wrote about Ron in the video (at the top of this page). Here is a little snippet for you...

Ron has been a volunteer firefighter for 29 years. He joined his first department on his 18th birthday. Ron currently is in his 2nd term as the President of Verona Volunteer Fire Department and also seves as the Chairman for the Board of Directors and is a life member...

Elizabeth continued to write about other departments Ron has been with, and about a devastating cancer diagnosis that empowered Ron to fight and advocate for his firefighter family.

We want to thank Elizabeth for nominating Ronald Winn Jr., and for her kind words about him. And of course we want to thank Ron for all he does for the community. Congratulations Ron for being our second featured firefighter on "Firefighter Friday."

Do you know of a firefighter that deserves recognition? Or are you a firefighter that would like to share your stories? Submit your nominations for our next “Firefighter Friday.”




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