It's another heartfelt story that reminds us, this world isn't such a bad place. Another story of young adults doing the right thing - Faith in Humanity has been restored, once again!

Football on the Football Field
Photo by: Streeter Lecka/Getty Images Sport

Most of the headlines about teenagers we see these days, are bad stories. Things like bullying and body-shaming, and all that. This is not one of those stories. A football player asked his special needs classmate to the prom, and treated her like a princess - just like she deserves.

The football player didn't just ask the young girl to prom, either. He had an amazing set-up. He bought her flowers, had her favorite song playing, and got some friends together to help pull off the whole event.

The look on the girl's face, and her reaction throughout the video just makes the whole thing worth it. What an awesome guy! I think we could learn a little bit from him.


"All the pretty girls in our school and he asked me, Momma. ME!" A football player asked his friend with special needs to prom in a big way:

Posted by KING 5 on Thursday, April 16, 2015


I love stories like this. People doing the right thing. It's amazing when kids can show us that there is still kindness in this world. When kids can behave this way, it really does give hope (at least in my mind) for the future generations!



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