If we had to choose one female artist to fangirl over in 2014, it would be Louisa Rose Allen of Foxes. She has an effortless style -- from her dramatic doe-eyes and hipster bangs to her synth-pop sound and soothing vocals.

Plus, we love that she has an obsession over cake all sweets and doesn't mind getting messy.

When Foxes visited PopCrush, it was an afternoon full of games, performances and interview segments. Some of the interview highlights? We found out Lily Allen was the reason she explored other stage monikers and that the name Foxes derived from a dream her mom had.

She dished on her workout regimen (we think she blushed when we praised her figure and killer abs!) and her favorite sweets. We also found out what item she always carries in her handbag.

The ridiculous viral hit, 'What Does the Fox Say?' came up, as well.

Check out the interview above, and stay tuned for Part 2 of our session with her!

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