With a hammer in one hand and hope in my mind, I set out to find some Herkimer Diamonds in this segment of 'New to Naomi.'

The Herkimer Diamond Mines Entrance
Naomi Lynn/TSM

I have been wanting to check out the Herkimer Diamond Mines since I first heard about them back in December. Unfortunately they're closed during the winter season, so I had to be patient and wait until April when they opened back up. Then I had to wait on the weather (because it decided to rain all last week), but I finally got a decent day to go check out the mines.

Before I even headed out to the mining area, I took a nice look through their museum and gift shop area. There are some pretty unique rocks and minerals on display, and even a dinosaur skull. His name is Randy. In the gift shop they have Herkimer Diamonds that you can purchase, and other gemstones and jewelry. They even have a spot where you can make your own jewelry from the gems you find out in the mining area.

I've never been 'mining' before, or have done anything like this. It was definitely a 'New to Naomi' experience. How did I do?? Well...

Searching for these precious gems was a lot harder than I thought. I wasn't as lucky as I had hoped, but something about being out there and looking for those gems, has me wanting to go back. I'm sure this isn't the last of the Herkimer Diamond Mines for me - and hopefully next time I'll have a little more luck!




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