Good news: the International House of Pancakes is giving kids a chance to win treats this Halloween season in its "Scary Face Pancake Photo Contest."

Even better news for the Mohawk Valley: the IHOP on French Road in New Hartford is a participating location.

And, maybe the best news of all: free pancakes on Halloween (October 31 this year) for all kids 12 and under.

Aside from the free Halloween hotcakes, children can go to IHOP any time during Halloween season and create a scary or goofy looking pancake, using the edible props at IHOP--strawberries, mini Oreo cookies, candy corn, whipped cream--and be eligible to win weekly IHOP prize packs, including a backpack, pompom hat, gift cards and Oreo cookies.

Here's what they're looking for from the entries:

Pancake pictures to be posted on contestants' Twitter or Instagram pages, or on the IHOP Facebook page, with the hashtags #ScaryFacePancake and #Entry.

Here's some of what they do NOT want:

No depictions of nudity, activities that may appear dangerous; or anything obscene or offensive. Full rules are available here.

One important distinction here: The free pancakes ON Halloween are for children 12 and under, while the prizes in the contest are available to kids who are 13 and over. It's all spelled out in the rules above.

But, why get bogged down in all the legalese; just go and have fun.


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