This week we took our 'Get Organized' segment with Deb Cabral on the road, to the Utica Zoo. Deb Cabral gave us another great organizing tip and we learned about an event coming up at the zoo.

It's another Monday, and that means Deb Cabral has another great tip to help us get organized. This week, instead of hanging out at the radio station, we decided to head to one of our favorite places in the Utica area; The Utica Zoo. But there's a reason why we headed to the zoo, in the video (at the top of this page), Deb Cabral explains that this week's video is about those hard to get rid of items that we all "collect." You know, those items that need to go, but we have an emotional attachment to them.

In the video (above), Deb Cabral shows us a clip of her "Organized in 60 Seconds Video," in which she shows us how to deal with these situations. Deb Cabral says to take all these items that you don't use anymore (but don't want to get rid of) and seal them in a box. Date the box for one year from today. Put the box away. If you don't need anything in the box by the time the year is over, you should be ready to get rid of these items... Especially, because you haven't even noticed them in the last year.

We want to thank Deb Cabral for this great tip for those hard to get rid of items. I even took this lesson to heart and got a box together of items after I got home from shooting this video. We'll see what happens after a year!

Since we were at the zoo, we HAD to visit with one of the animals. Sue, a docent at the Utica Zoo, brought out April the Bunny for us to see. Not only did we get to hangout with April, but we also learned a little bit about the Utica Zoo's "Eggstravaganza" coming up on Saturday, March 31. Sue tells us that the Easter Bunny will be at the zoo for their "Eggstravaganza" celebration, and they'll be doing an Easter Egg hunt. There will also be other games and activities for the kids, and animal meet-and-greets. You can get more details on the Utica Zoo's "Eggstravaganza," by visiting:

Again, we want to thank Deb Cabral for giving us these great tips to help us get organized. You can always get more tips for organizing by following Deb Cabral at: You can also visit: and follow her Facebook Page: @DeborahJCabral
And we'll see you back here next Monday!




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