Not all of us are made to rough it, but that doesn't mean we don't enjoy the great outdoors. Glamping was designed for the people like us.

If you're not sure what glamping is, let's start by explaining the word: glamping. That's glamorous + camping. And when you check out some of the accommodations available right here in the Adirondacks, you'll see where both parts of that word play a role.

There's no sleeping on the cold, hard ground. Nope, instead you'll sleep in a canvas tent in a bed with actual sheets. The tents have lighting, electricity, and, in some cases, carpeting. You'll have to bring food, charcoal, and whatever utensils you need to cook - I mean, you've got to the 'camping' part in there somehow. (Okay, that's a lie - at Camp Orenda, all your food is prepared for you.) Most importantly, each spot comes with shower and bathroom facilities.

Credit: Jess Kokoszki
Credit: Jess Kokoszki

Lest that doesn't sound outdoorsy enough you, there are various activities that can be coordinated for you at the different luxury camping sites, from kayaking to whitewater rafting.

Where Can You Go Glamping in The Adirondacks?

  • Adirondack Safari, Lake George Region -  "fully furnished canvas tents, outdoor lounge areas, spacious campsites, live entertainment, native American performances, kayaking & river tubing, outdoor movies, and much more."
  • Posh Primitive, Chestertown, NY - "We provide luxurious canvas cabins, queen sized beds, rustic furnishings made by local craftspeople, linens including Pendleton blankets, easy-to-use-wood stoves, seasoned firewood for stoves and outdoor fires and covered porches with seating. All meals included."
  • Camp Orenda, Johnsburg, NY - "Enjoy the pleasures of a camping experience in a rugged environment. Get back to nature in one of our four unique campsites-custom made canvas tent cabins; back-country camping packages include gear, prepared meals, family activities, canoeing, kayaking, caving, fishing, hiking, mountain biking and whitewater rafting. Pets welcome."

So if you've always wanted to go camping, but a hotel is more your speed, glamping might be the perfect compromise.


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