The Adirondack Park has been a prime vacation destination for hundreds of years. It is a balanced combination of remote enough for people to feel like they are in touch with nature, but still being easily accessible by most forms of transportation.

Even at the turn of the century, the Adirondacks were frequently visited by millionaires, and Lake George, north of Albany, close to the Vermont border, was nicknamed Millionaire’s Row, due to the high number of millionaires who owned property on the lake.

It was these millionaires who financed the Sagamore Resort, located on an island in the middle of the lake. E. Burgess Warren, William Bement, Robert Glendenning, and George Burnham all were responsible for the formation of the resort, which was designed to be exclusive and luxurious, and a draw to their fellow millionaires.

Sagamore Resort
The Sagamore Resort - Lake George, NY/YouTube

The resort was opened in 1883, and instantly became appealing to even international visitors. Multiple fires occurred at the resort, but the damaged buildings were quickly renovated, and didn’t put a damper on the resort’s draw. By 1981, the resort had fallen out of favor and into disrepair, but was reopened under new management in 1983, and has been open since.

For certain clientele, the draw of the resort is not just the atmosphere and lodging, but also the numerous ghosts that also reside there. One of the many dining rooms is still visited by a couple that visited the resort when it first opened. They are frequently spotted sitting down for a bite to eat. Guests have also reported seeing the spirit of a little boy at the golf course. Legend states that the boy would retrieve golf balls for the golfers, in exchange for tips. Reportedly, the child was killed when he was hit by a car while retrieving balls.

Not just visitors have reported seeing spirits. It is rumored that a staff member quit after they were addressed by a female spirit with long blonde hair and a white dress. She spoke with the staff member, then walked through him and disappeared. Another staff member stepped into an empty elevator and felt like they bumped into someone. As he watched, a middle aged man in a suit appeared in the elevator. He is fondly referred to as Walter.


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