It was a fun-filled weekend up in North Country, but the best part of all the camping adventures? Discovering 'Good Luck' when a little visitor stopped by our campsite!

The whole weekend was spent going on adventures - from kayaking, to sitting by a campfire roasting marshmallows, sharing stories, and having a few drinks. On the first night up we were fortunate enough to get a sign of good luck.

Sitting by the campfire at the end of the first day of camping there was a stirring in one of the trees. All of a sudden something flew down - I thought it was a bat. We shined a flashlight over in the direction of the noise, and to our surprise it was an owl!


Naomi Lynn/TSM

The owl must have been like 10 (maybe 15) feet away from us. What a sight it was! Now the pictures didn't come out the best (come on - it was dark. All we had was the light from my camera and the flashlight). But it still was worth it to take a few pictures.

Naomi Lynn/TSM

When I mentioned I had seen an owl many people told me it represents good luck. And I left it at that - hey, I'm not arguing with good luck. I need it, and I'll take it!


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