Something happens at night at the Fish Creek Pond Campgrounds up in North Country. A unique experience to someone who has never been camping there before.

Square Lake at Fish Creek Pond Campground
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Over the weekend I went camping at Fish Creek Pond for a 'New to Naomi' experience. It was a great adventure getting out into North Country and going camping (seeing as I have only been camping once). I had all the fun of camping - going out and kayaking on the waterways, sitting by the campfire sharing drinks and stories, and just enjoying being out in nature for the weekend.

Something happens during the night at Fish Creek Pond though. Something so unique, I really wasn't expecting it - the 'Yoo-Hoos.'

It starts with one person around the lake yelling out 'Yoo-Hoo,' then other campsites along the water answer back with a 'Yoo-Hoo.' It was actually pretty neat! Check out the video from the 'Yoo-Hoos' across Fish Creek Pond:

Crazy, right?! I could have done that all night (although I think the other campsites would probably get sick of it after a while). It was a good camping adventure and a fun experience for 'New to Naomi' that's for sure!




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