Does good luck and bad luck really exist? Or is it all in your control, and it just depends on how you handle a situation?

We all have days like that - Where it just feels like you're in the wrong place at the wrong time. But do we consider it bad luck? Is there a power out there that causes some days to just go 'not-as-well?'

Or is it all in our heads? If you're dealing with what people would call 'bad luck,' but you handle the situation with a positive attitude, does that mean it's not actually bad luck? Do you not feel the same 'bad luck' feeling?

Naomi Lynn needs help settling this debate. She believes bad luck and good luck exist. It doesn't matter how positive or negative your attitude is, sometimes things in life just happen. You can try to stay positive, but it doesn't stop bad things from happening.

Is she wrong? Are things only considered bad luck because we look at them as bad? Do we just not see the good around certain situations, and that's why we consider it 'bad luck?'

You be the judge. Let us know in the 'comments section' at the bottom of this page - Does good luck and bad luck exist? Or is there no such thing as luck, it's just based on your attitude in a situation?



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