Halloween is the holiday when many of us purposely go out of our way to see just how frightened we can get, but would you ever climb into a Rattlesnake pit?

Would you be more spooked out by investigating a Haunted House or by jumping into a pit of Rattlesnakes? One of my former roommates used to have a giant Python. I'm not a fan of snakes; in fact it makes me queasy even recalling those days that I shared a house with an enormous slithering reptile.

I would often have nightmares of the snake escaping from his cage and making its way into my bed. There are not many things I'm terrified of; I'm not afraid of jumping out of an airplane, leaping off a cliff, or even bungee jumping off of a bridge. However, when it comes to handling or even chatting about snakes, I start sweating profusely.

Let's say you happened to be out walking around the Cicero Swamp near Syracuse when you suddenly stumbled upon an entire nest of Eastern Timber Rattlesnakes. After you nearly step on the poisonous hissing snakes, you get the seemingly bright idea of filming them with your Gopro drone Camera; then this happens!

Warning: If you're terrified of snakes I would advise you not to watch this video in full screen mode.

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