I thought this video was especially clever because I can totally see myself doing something very similar. Don't take it too seriously and watch it just for the pun of it.

So a guy and his girlfriend decided to go shopping at IKEA. I bet she had no idea she would be in for a very long day. Many of the puns rattled off in this video are a bit difficult to understand so just rewind the video and watch again. You'll thank me later.

Do you think this guy had his punny list planned out ahead of time or is he just really quick on his feet? The video failed to mention that IKEA was holding a special event that particular day. Apparently they held a carnival in the parking lot and several clowns were politely opening and holding the doors for customers who were entering the store. Most shoppers appreciated the nice jester.

I doubt the punny guy tried to explain his funny routine to any kleptomaniacs present at IKEA that day. They tend to take things literally. OK, OK, my puns are done.

Just Jen and I chatted about this punny guy today.