It's the case of the missing wallet! No, I didn't steal it... but it was given to me, to give back to the owner. I did the right thing and gave it back, but not before having a little fun.

A few months ago, a co-worker of mine lost their wallet at a station-outting. It had been months, so everyone figured it was gone forever. Well it wasn't. It reappeared and was given to me to give back to the correct person.


That was the first mistake.


I can't be trusted in situations like this. Everyone assumes it's gone forever, so that gave me a great opportunity to have some fun. I gave other co-workers around the building cards from inside the wallet. Their job was to give the cards back to the correct person, but they couldn't say who gave them the cards. Oh, and I told them to get the interactions on tape.


This was the end result. ( The video is a little long - but it was totally worth it to really capture the fun of this prank).


Yes, I was ratted out before I could start day two of my madness, but it was probably best. Once I get started with something, I have a hard time knowing when to quit. Seriously, if no one had said anything it probably would have gone on for at least a week... maybe more.

And it was all in good fun. A big thanks to everyone who played along, and thanks to Luke for being a good sport about the whole thing.

The only downside is I think I just set myself up for getting pranked on April 1. Hopefully everyone forgets about this by then!