Well this stinks; imagine spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on a vacation to Las Vegas only to realize you had the video camera pointed in the wrong direction the entire time. This happened.
GoPro cameras are a hip and trendy way to video record your favorite memories; whether it's a trip to the Grand Canyon, or a hike in the Adirondacks, these cameras are a top notch way of capturing memories that last forever; unless of course you have the camera programmed to selfie mode.

Joseph Griffin takes us on a walking tour through Vegas and decides to narrate his experience. He takes us through the Bellagio, MGM and even alludes to the Flamingo, Trump International, and the "wobbly" monorail. Unfortunately we never get to see any of the attractions because his son who lent him the camera failed to teach him how to use it. According to Huffington Post:

Joseph Griffin only realized he’d been pointing the gadget the wrong way when he got back home to Ireland. The resulting hilarious video, which is essentially a face-to-camera travelogue, has been dubbed by some viewers as the “funniest guide to Vegas ever.”

Some are describing Mr. Griffin's actions as a "total dad move" and I couldn't agree more. This is totally something Clark Griswold would have done; only this video is way funnier than Vegas Vacation.

How are you at using the technology of today? Are you still learning? Just Jenn is not social media savvy at all. She accidentally posted a picture of us 11 times on her Facebook wall.

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