Since it's 'International Moment of Laughter Day,' we thought we would help you celebrate with these funny videos.

It seems like everyday is some sort of 'unofficial' holiday, or reason to celebrate. Most of the time these days pass by without a second thought, but once in a while it's actually a nice excuse to celebrate - Just like this one.

To help you celebrate "International Moment of Laughter Day," here's some of our favorite funny videos. Besides, nothing puts you in a better mood like having a good laugh.



1 - If You Ever Wondered How Animals Eat Food...

3 - Little Sister Gets Pranked After Getting Her Wisdom Teeth Pulled

5 - Men Learn That Kittens Are Actually Really, REALLY Cute

***WARNING: NSFW - Language***


We hope these videos made you smile and at least laugh a little bit. Happy "International Moment of Laughter" Day!



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