We have all heard terms like 'chicken riggies,' 'greens,' halfmoons,' and the 'thruway,' but what about these unique upstate New York words and phrases?

We need to thank NewYorkUpstate.com for creating their list of " Upstate NY Vocabulary," which included many words and phrases we use on the regular, like "SPAC" or the "Finger Lakes," but some phrases on the list we had never heard of. Maybe we've been living under a rock, or maybe it's something Central New Yorkers don't recognize, but other New Yorkers will understand.

We asked people around the office what some of these 'unique' terms were. A lot of coworkers are native to Central New York, so you would assume they would know these words and phrases, right? Well, check out the video at the top, and see how they answered.

Here are a few from the list we had never heard before. Maybe you've know these upstate New York terms...


Apparently, this is a type of hotdog that's still in its casing, and is covered in some sort of meat sauce with onions and mustard on it. According to Wikipedia,

Michigans are particularly popular in the North Country of New York State, and have been so for many decades. Their popularity soon spread to New York City where they remain a fast food staple...

"The Notch"

This is Route 214 that runs through the Catskills and is an alternative from taking some of the major roads in that area. A lot of people will take this route to avoid the traffic of out-of-towners, especially during ski-season.

"The Stockade"

This is actually in Schenectady (not Rome, like most of our Central New Yorkers guessed). According to HistoricStockade.com,

The Stockade Historic District is the oldest residential neighborhood in the country. It is home to what the National Parks Service called “the highest concentration of historic period homes in the country,” with over 40 homes over 200 years old. It is the first Historic District established in New York.


You can see the whole list of "Upstate NY Vocabulary" here.
See if there are any other terms on their list you didn't know as a resident of New York.



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