Zeus McClurkin from the Harlem Globetrotters stopped by the Workday Kickoff to talk about their upcoming performance at the Utica AUD, and to show off some skills.

The Harlem Globetrotters will be in Utica on Thursday, February 4th, as they celebrate their 90th anniversary world tour. Zeus McClurkin joined Matt and Naomi on the Workday Kickoff to talk about the upcoming show and to give a little background on his life - how he started from a kid getting cut from school basketball teams, to becoming a member of this world famous team.

Zeus also talked about struggling with asthma, and how no matter what, if you fight for your dreams and goals, you can reach them.

While he was in the studio, Naomi Lynn wanted to learn a basketball trick from him (hey, he would be the best person to ask, right?) So after the interview, Zeus showed Naomi this neat skill...


Now if only she could do it by herself. If she keeps practicing, one day she'll get it.




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