Has the stupid viral social media trend of licking ice cream and putting it back in a store's freezer reached CNY? A Rome Facebook post is suggesting it has.

You may have seen the viral video - a teenage girl licking a container of Blue Bell ice cream at a grocery store, putting the lid back on, and putting the container back in the freezer. The teen was caught, but not before more (stupid?) people took up the challenge. A Texas man is facing 20 years in jail for doing the same thing. Both of these incidents occurred in Texas - so we'd like to think Central New York is safe from this kind of stupidity - but maybe not.

This post recently appeared on a Rome community Facebook page:

Not sure where to post this but I bought a half gallon of ice cream at (a convenience store in Rome) last night I took out 2 helpings last night from one end then went to open it again found out someone ate out of the other end I live alone ! So please check your ice cream.

We omitted the name of the store because it is probably not their fault, and the original poster says she plans on speaking to store management.

Seriously, has this viral video challenge really reached Central New York? Has it really reached the point where we have to double check our ice cream containers (or our soda - this video will make you wanna barf) to be certain some dingbat hasn't licked it?

I guess so.


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