Philip Lindhuber is a long-time hiker. He frequently pauses to take pictures of the sights around him, but what he captured this time was pretty surprising.

The SUNY Oneonta professor is looking to earn his patch by visiting all the fire towers on various CNY peaks. Recently, he was climbing Hunter Mountain toward Fire Tower #4 when his gaze was captured by something staring back at him along the trail.

Within the face were eyes that were staring, but unseeing. Though the face looking at him was large, it didn't seem frightening - on the contrary, there was something almost friendly about it.

Philip immediately snapped a photo and shared the image to social media, saying:

I always seem to find faces of #RockGiants or #TreeGiants.

You be the judge. Is this the face of an ancient rock giant, or just a simple trick of the eyes?

Hunter Mountain #rockgiant
Credit: Philip Lindhuber

Nature shows us some pretty amazing things, if we take the time to look. Have you ever seen anything weird while hiking in the woods?



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