Another Mountain Jam has come and gone, but if you ever thought about going maybe next year is your year. Maybe you're not sure if it's for you... Well, we have seven reasons why we think it is...

Music and Dancing

Who doesn't like live music and dancing? If you only know one of the artists that will be performing (or even just a handful of them), you'll still have a blast. You'll get the chance to discover new music, which is always fun, and you'll still get to dance and sing along to the artists you know. Don't want to dance? Then don't. There are plenty of areas to lay down a blanket or sit in some lawn chairs and still enjoy the music.

Tom Petty Performing at Mountain Jam 2017
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Other Entertainment and Activities

The festival offers special classes throughout the entire weekend from yoga classes (which were offered multiple times a day) to hula-hoop classes. They also have fire dancers at night, which is a fun sight to see in itself. There's a lot to see and do besides just listening to music all weekend long.

The Food and Drinks

There's just something oh-so-good about eating all those "fair and festival foods." And Mountain Jam is no stranger to all those delicious treats. They have your standard deep fried Oreos and candy bars, but they also have barbecue, wraps and sandwiches, burgers, fries, and even gourmet grilled cheese. I settled for a barbecue chicken grilled cheese, which was absolutely fantastic. They had quite a few options, some regular dishes, and some really unique foods, so you have plenty to choose from.

Some of the Food Vendors at Mountain Jam 2017
Naomi Lynn/TSM

Scenic Ski-Lift

One of the best things to do at Mountain Jam (at least once), is to take a scenic ride on the ski-lift. The whole ride up Hunter Mountain and back down takes about 25 to 30 minutes, and you get to see everything. It's so great to see the stage from "up there" and all the people camping out and enjoying the mountain. You also get to see part of the zipline course (which happens to be the biggest one in North America). If you're lucky, you'll even see people going down the zipline. It's just a nice, relaxing ride and it's a lot of fun.

View From the Ski-Lift of Mountain Jam 2017
Naomi Lynn/TSM


Sometimes you just need to get away from it all, and this festival is the best place to do it. Sure, phone reception and signal strength has gotten a lot better over the years, but that doesn't mean people need to know you're available. It's the perfect excuse to leave your phone at home (or on airplane mode), so you can just enjoy being out in nature, and enjoy the music.

New Friends

One of the coolest things about Mountain Jam is the people you'll meet. Everyone is there to have a good time, and that's exactly what they're doing. Whether you stay in a hotel, camp in your car, camp on the mountain, or just come out for the day, you're sure to meet a ton of people and have a great time. We camped on the mountain and our neighbors taught us how to play some awesome games. We spent quite a bit of time at their campsite talking and just hanging out.

Friends You Make at Mountain Jam 2017
Naomi Lynn/TSM


Like we said, everyone is there to have a good time and that's exactly what they're doing. You won't hear about fights breaking out at Mountain Jam, you won't hear or see drama. Mountain Jam isn't about that. Sure, people have their adult beverages and let loose, but things don't get crazy or out of control. It really is just a good time.


We could go into more details of why Mountain Jam is such a fun experience, and it's something you should check out at least once in your life. We could tell you about all shops with clothing, trinkets, jewelry, artwork, and everything else. We could mention the "quiet and family camping area" for the families and kids. We could add the places you can stay at so you don't have to camp if you don't want to, or tell you about the other things to check out at Hunter Mountain... But then we would be writing for the next few hours, and we think we've given you a good start on considering Mountain Jam.

If it sounds like something that could be on your to-do list for 2018, we suggest you give it a try.





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