Hidden in the trees along a very busy roadway is a historic marker. We've got pictures and can tell you exactly how to get there so you can see it for yourself.

You know those signs scattered throughout Central New York - The historic markers that tell you a little bit about the area or about a feature you're close to? Another one has been found in Utica right on Oriskany Street.

Some people may have seen the sign before but for others, it was a complete surprise that it even existed. Especially true for those who drive past it everyday on their way to work, or while they're out running errands.

Historic Marker Hidden in the Trees in Utica
Naomi Lynn/TSM

The historic marker reads,

 The majestic Mohawk Valley has been the scene of many key events which have helped to shape the character and destiny of New York State and the nation. This was once the home of the proud Mohawks, one of the main tribes of the powerful six-nation Iroquois Confederacy. As the main gateway between the Adirondack Mountains and the Allegheny Plateau, the valley came to be used by French-Catholic missionaries, land-hungry settlers moving west, foreign travellers, French and Indian raiders, British and American troops. During the French and Indian War, and the American Revolution, it was a vital center of action -- the main highway for east-west communication and a major point of contact between the contending armies.

The Erie Canal and New York Central Railroad followed the valley route and gave a new direction to its history. Internal improvements led to intensive settlement and industrial growth. While the valley has changed in many ways over the years, it still retains one element of the past -- its incomparable beauty.

If you're looking for where this historic marker is located, it's not too hard to find (if you know where to look). It's almost right across the street from Great Rentals in Utica (by the Bagg's Square area). But it's not all the way across the street - It's in between east-bound and west-bound Oriskany Street.

Check out some of the other pictures from the area - It may help you find this marker:



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