For the last few months there has been quite a buzz over Himalayan Salt Lamps. What are they supposed to do? And is it really worth it to get one?

Have you been thinking about getting a salt lamp? They claim to have many health benefits, from being able to help you sleep to helping clean the air in your home. They are also supposed to cancel out 'positive ions' in your home (that come from many electronics running, having the TV on, and things like that), by adding 'negative ions' into the air. There are claims that say these lamps can even help with anxiety and depression.

But is there any truth behind these claims?

Well, WDIV Local 4, talked to Dr. Ryan Gauthier, an acupuncture and oriental medicine doctor who uses them in his office. Dr. Ryan Gauthier says,

The light makes a nice, dim warm light that brings a calming environment to the patient...

There's a lot of claims they help anxiety, depression, asthma, but the current medical research doesn't really seem to support that...

BUT... The lamps can create a calming mood for a lot of people who use them. The calming effects can help reduce stress, which is known for causing multiple health problems. Do salt lamps really do everything they claim to do? Maybe not. There isn't really "proof" they do, but a calm environment can have its own health benefits.

If you're considering getting one, you'll have to weigh out your options. If you're hoping it will get rid of your anxiety completely, or help you breathe better, you may not to want to invest in one yet (at least until more research is done). If you're looking for something to calm you after work, or something to help you sleep at night, the warm glowing light may be what you need.

Our own Naomi Lynn received a salt lamp for Christmas and she loves it...

I have it set up on my nightstand. It's very calming and helps me relax and get to sleep. Since I've been using it, I feel like I get to sleep faster, and have more restful sleep.

As for the other claims? Naomi says she doesn't know. She hasn't noticed a difference in the air. But the sleep factor is enough for her to keep it, and continue using it.




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