For today's dedication to daddy, here's how dad's everywhere can inspire their daughters to explore careers from which they have traditionally been excluded from. I grew up with two brothers and no sisters. I've been blessed two sons, but not a daughter. I couldn't even begin to tell you how to inspire ambition in your daughter but, this expert can.

I do spoil my nieces when I'm around I am hopeful for a grand-daughter someday who I can influence to be whatever she wants to be in life.

Psychology researcher Alyssa Croft tells Huff Parents that there is no reason why our daughters shouldn't peruse careers as doctors, police officers, accountants and even scientists.

“Despite our best efforts to create workplace equality, women remain severely under-represented in leadership and management positions,”

So how can dad help?

Perhaps men should do the dishes not because of a potential sociological impact on their female offspring, but because the dishes are dirty and women aren't the only ones who eat dinner off of them.

There ya go dads and grandfathers, don't be afraid to show the girls that women's work really is everyone's work. Simple isn't it?

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