This past weekend at the Polish Community Club in Utica, was Polish Days! Saturday night was the coveted Pierogi Eating contest, and I had a blast participating alongside the other contestants.

I picked a listener of our radio station to also compete by my side. This year, Carli from Utica won the honor and we sat down beforehand and discussed our preparation techniques.

I had told her I didn't eat anything since around noon, she told me she had eaten when she got to the club and she wasn't sure if it was a mistake to do that or not. My theory? I thought it would help her stomach expand.

It then became time to start the main event. We had three minutes to take down as many pierogi as possible. They started with a box of ten, then after those were gone, gave you another box of ten if you finished.

The three minutes were up, and contest coordinators announced the two people who ate the most. Myself and my friend, Dan, were tied!

Then, we were instructed to compete for the coveted title of champion in overtime. We had one minute to eat however many additional pierogi.

Watch the action for yourself:

Yup. In the end, I lost to him by only ONE pierogi! But hey, I'm pretty proud of my title as Pierogi Princess.

Start prepping now and come compete next year!

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