We all know that much more snow was dumped on the Mohawk Valley and all of Central New York than originally expected.  Many chose to go outside with their measuring sticks to find out exactly much snow fell in their neighborhood.

We asked listeners and Facebook friends throughout the area exactly how much snow had fallen where they live by late Tuesday or early Wednesday morning.  Here are some of the UN-official totals:

West Winfield   41 inches

Jordanville   39 inches

Clayville   38 inches

Waterville   36 inches

Clinton   35 inches

Utica (Parkway)   34 inches

Chadwicks   34 inches

Ilion  34 inches

New Hartford  34 inches

Little Falls  33 inches

Remsen   33 Inches

Westmoreland   32 inches

Vernon   32 inches

Deerfield   31 inches

Camden   31 inches

Quite a range from those who checked in from different areas of the Mohawk Valley, but we heard from no one who measured under 31 inches as of Tuesday night.  Those totals could even increase by a couple of inches in the next few hours.

One thing to keep in mind is that Spring begins next Monday.

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