With the touch of the white stuff we had this week, we can't help but think about the impending winter season.  One are city even posted their winter parking ban rules.

With that in mind, which city here in New York State would you guess receives the most average yearly snowfall?   Many might guess Syracuse.  Other will say Buffalo.  My guess was Watertown.  We are all wrong.

The snowiest city in New York is in Herkimer County.  Old Forge records a yearly average of 177.3 inches.   In contrast, New York City gets the least snowfall with only 22.7 inches on average.

So where do Utica, Syracuse and other cities rank on the snowfall list?   According to Currentresults.com here are rankings:

Old Forge - 177.3 inches per year

Syracuse - 123.9 inches

Watertown - 112.1 inches

Lake Placid - 103.0 inches

Rochester - 99.5 inches

Buffalo - 94.7 inches

Utica/Rome - 88.3 inches

Binghamton - 83.4 inches

Massena - 69.4 inches

Albany - 59.1 inches

Poughkeepsie - 32.8 inches

New York City - 22.7 inches

There are some unofficial measurements for smaller towns in the state, but none top the annual amount seen in Old Forge.