Central New York is great this time of the year, with all the pumpkin spice products beginning to emerge. Yeah, well...we didn't talk about that AT ALL.

The Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of September 17, 2018 featured discussions about actors, athletes, and (not so) average everyday neighbors. Click the video for an audio montage and/or follow along to this menu:

Life-ing. Actor Matthew McConaughey said in an interview that he considers "life" to be a verb. We added some other words that should be verbs.

Bad day at the office. Look it up in the dictionary and you'd see a picture of former Buffalo Bills cornerback Vontae Davis, who walked into the locker room at halftime of an NFL game and...retired. We shared our own worst days at the office.

World records you'd like to break. After a mark was smashed in the men's marathon, we disclosed the world records we thought we could break or would like to break. Beth didn't care for my answer.

Doga. That's yoga...with your dog. What could possibly go wrong? And where is the line for animal participation?

There goes the neighborhood. In our favorite State of the Union (Florida), neighbors are complaining about a couple who do their chores in the nude. So, we opened up the phones for stories about other bad neighbors.


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