Wait. That title. It's not what you think.

We came across some scientific evidence about certain animals that can help your dating profile. And hamsters are involved. We also stumbled on some curious and spurious audio from a certain hunky actor, a hot controversy surrounding one of our key artists, and some unnerving stats on alien life. Plus, Beth fessed up. Click on the video for a brief montage of audio highlights and/or follow along to the description below for The Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of April 22, 2019.

-Hamsters. The best animal for increasing responses to your dating profile. You won't believe the other top ones--and also how far down the list dogs are.

-Channing Tatum. Can you help decipher the clip from one of his movies that got me in a little trouble?

-Local UFOs. The U.S. Navy is now officially involved. Should we start paying attention?

-Missing diaper. A public flap involving Pink, which caused her to pull pictures of her kids off social media.

-The 5-second rule. Beth's confession lit up the phones.


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