April showers turned into May showers and we're still kind of waiting for spring in Central New York. (We have a feeling that when summer arrives, it's gonna be awesome.)

Our show this week focused on state-centric stories, a domestic quirk, a 19th-century expression, and different methods of battling stress. You can hear a brief montage of The Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of April 29th and/or follow along to the description of this past week's bits below.

-What would you like for free? A question we posed after discussing the New York State program offering free a/c units to qualifying individuals.

-Reverse suck-up. It occurs in the shower. But it's not what you think.

-Simpsons Upstate New York song. The satirical treatment of Utica, Oriskany, Mohawk Valley Community College and other CNY locales and institutions caused quite a stir, but was the whole thing overblown?

-The title of this blog post. Do YOU know what it means?

-Beating stress. How do YOU do it?


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