Thanks in part to your avid participation, our program was fortunate enough to win Outstanding Morning Show for the second consecutive year at the annual New York State Broadcasters Association Awards for Excellence. Here's our winning montage.

As for this week, we strove for excellence with segments about Tiger Woods' big golf comeback, shower habits, and regular benchmark segments like Your Momma Must Be So Proud (8:15 daily) and The Kinda Hard Question, which occurs every weekday at 7:05. Click the video for a brief audio highlight package and/or follow along to the description of bits below for The Best Of Beth & Dave for the week of April 15, 2019.

-Shower tinkling. A slim majority of us admit to it. Disagreement in our house.

-Bat-wielding great granny. One of the best viral audio clips. Pie-Yaaaaa.

-Squirt gun dummy. Just another day like any other day in Florida.

-Tiger. Is he a hero again after his comeback victory at The Masters or is he still a lout? We traded thoughts and heard from you on the phones.

-Household danger. About 25 people every year die from one of these. Happy New Year.

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