We were excited to see that Buffalo was ranked one of the best cities in America for 4th of July celebrations. So what state is the "Most Patriotic"?

WalletHub has released another survey, this time ranking the most patriotic states in 2017. Topping the list is Virginia. Coming in 2nd is Alaska. And Wyoming was ranked as the 3rd most patriotic of these United States. Where does New York fall in the rankings?

New York was near the bottom of the list, at 46. The only 4 states less patriotic were Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Illinois and New Jersey. So of course this will turn into Red State/Blue State discussion. Why exactly did New York do so poorly in this survey?

Veterans Saluting

It would be hard to justify calling Central New York unpatriotic. We see patriotic displays on homes, businesses and cars everywhere. As seen in the recent presidential election, Upstate and Downstate regions are decidedly different when it comes to "liberal" versus "conservative" leanings. It's easy to see why the concentration of population in New York City tends to push these types of polls towards the liberal side.

While politics is not the only factor that determines how patriotic we are, it certainly plays a big part. Other factors that WalletHub's experts considered was the percentage of military enlistees, veterans, volunteers and adults who voted in the presidential elections. New York State as a whole ranked low in both volunteerism and military engagement. Again, take this survey with a grain of salt because it doesn't consider the different regions of the state.

Crowd holding American flags

How patriotic do you feel our area is? Do we deserve to be lumped into one of the most unpatriotic states?


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