Christmas cookies, alcohol filled office parties along with gigantic Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners are sure to help us pack on a few this winter. You still can enjoy the season while maintaining your current weight, and here's how.

After I read Harley Pasternak's story from, I realized that we are on the same page regarding healthy holiday party tips.

Mark Richards TSM

1) Invest In a Nutra-Bullet.

As you can see I fill mine daily with fruits, vegetables, hemp seeds and nuts along with some almond milk and ice for a healthy smoothie that will not only blast you with vitamins and minerals, but you'll be full for hours with a very low calorie intake. Having a healthy treat before heading out to the food filled event will keep your plate barely full.


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2) Don't Take Too Many Hors D'oeuvres.

May we suggest that you only grab appetizers with plenty of veggies and fruits and remember, just a few. After dinner you can count on dessert being served and you'll  get your sweet fillers there.


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3) Spend More Time Socializing Than Eating.

Enjoy the company, engage in conversation, make new friends. The holiday season is more that just food. Before you know it you'll discover that you've been at the party for hours and you've barely ate anything.


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4) Water Has No Calories.

A friend once told me that if you're hungry but don't feel like eating anything right now, just chug two glasses of water. Great advice. Try that next time you're heading out to a holiday event. You won't hit the buffet line for a while. You may have to hit the rest room first.


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5) Put Mostly Lean Foods On Your Plate.

Yes turkey is a lean meat full of protein so go ahead and enjoy that along with leaner cuts of red meat. Don't skimp on the salad and the vegetables. There is nothing wrong with having a bite or two of the high calorie foods, just don't go back for more.

Well we hope that this helps you enjoy the upcoming holiday parties this season and inspires you to enjoy...just the right amount.