Working hard? So are we. Throughout the day hunger will attack you. Are you going to be ready? Plan a head and follow these rules from The Frisky:

First off, remember snacking isn't all that bad. It will help you keep your metabolism steady throughout your day. It's not healthy to eat nothing all day, then pig out at dinner. Let's accept it, we all need to snack. We need food.

1) Thou shalt eat snacks that are high in protein and fiber.

Protein is a lot more important than you may think. Protein gives you energy, so plan a snack that provides a lot of protein. Also, fiber plays a big role as well. Fiber will fill you up, and make sure you're not hungry ten minutes later. The Frisky suggests options including carrots and hummus, peanut butter on whole wheat toast, an apple or celery, string cheese, and nuts.

2) Thou shalt not reach for super sugary snacks.

Easier said than done right? These snacks tend to be the most delicious ones in the vending machine, and they are pretty convenient.

If you are dying for a sweet snack, self-described sugar addict Ami advises a square of dark chocolate, at least 70% cocoa.

Not a bad suggestion right?

3) Thou shalt plan ahead.

If you're hungry and your in the middle of the grocery store, this can be dangerous. You may buy things you don't need, or take a quick and easy trip to a drive thru. Did you need that snack? No. Try planning ahead.

I carry low-sugar Kind bars in my purse, and stock my fridge with healthy stuff that’s easy to grab when I need a little nibble. Try keeping some pre-portioned bags of trail mix at your desk, or toss some 100-calorie snack packs in your glove compartment, and you’ll have something healthy to tide you over and keep you from giving in to the temptation of the vending machine or the drive-thru window.

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What other tips and tricks do you have?

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