Central New York loves its Italian cuisine. Now, we can get a never-ending supply for an entire year.

Olive Garden, located on Commercial Drive in New Hartford and on Erie Boulevard in Syracuse, as well as nearly 900 other spots nationwide, is offering a new twist on its Never Ending Pasta Pass. They've increased the deal...from eight weeks to an ENTIRE YEAR.

The eight-week deal cost $100, while the annual pass will run you $300. For that price, you can eat as much as you want at Oliver Gardens. The deal begins September 24th, 2018 and runs through September 22nd of 2019.

Here's the catch: Oliver Garden will grant only 1,000 of these passes, so go to PastaPass.com starting at 2:00 PM Thursday, August 23rd. Oh, and you'll still be able to purchase one of the 23,000 eight-week passes as well.

Are you in? What makes Oliver Garden's chain better than local joints?


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